Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Marion Chombart de Lauwe

Marion is a young up and coming visual artist and graphic designer based in the 19th district of Paris, where we met 21st of last June. I remember precisely 'cause it was 'La fete de la Musique'. As we where talking we realised that our studios where a stone's throw from each other. This how I discovered not only a fine person but also a great body of work , full of curiosity, research and innovation. 
She explores and uses the changing landscape of the 19th district and Pantin, shaped by the canal and the warehouses conceived under Napoleon III. For long it has not part of the grand Paris and is now being redesigned for the purpose of new business and modernity.

You may find her work on the following link:
and our full conversation on:  Sunday 14 Feb 2016 on WRP

WoMa FaLab:



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